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cde class 6 - CDE 232 2/18/08 Play Years: Cognitive...

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CDE 232 2/18/08 Play Years: Cognitive Development (3-7years) Preoperational Stage -symbolic representation - the use of words. Words are now symbols and mean things -unable to perform operations - a set of mental processes that occur without kids having to act them out -cant just think through a set of actions without doing them - egocentrism -inability to distinguish between their own perceptions and other peoples’ perceptions -4 year old boy shopping for mothers day gift would pick something they like - tested by- set child on one side of table… 3d structure, 3 mountains, if a doll is on the other side of the table, you ask which mountain can the doll see, and they will pick the one they can see. . - 3 mountain task -Animism- application of life like characteristics into inanimate objects ex- moon goes away- it is sleeping not gone away -hi airplane, hello shoes -magical thinking- magic is the source of unexplainable things -where does the music come from---tiny people inside of stereo making music for us from some magical land UNIVERSAL QUALITY - Centration o Applying to much focus on a single attribute and ignoring other important attributes of that object Ex give a 3 year old money, they would rather have 5 pennies than a quarter because the quantity is higher. Ignoring the value and focusing on size or number - Conservation o Idea that characteristics of physical objects remain the same even if
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cde class 6 - CDE 232 2/18/08 Play Years: Cognitive...

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