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1 Understanding variation: From molecules to populations I. Genes and DNA A. DNA is the genetic material B. The structure of DNA C. DNA replication II. DNA codes for protein III. Summary of molecular genetics IV. Evolutionary change A. Phenotype and genotype B. Changes in gene frequencies through time V. Genes in populations A. The Hardy-Weinberg law B. Stability of gene frequencies Genes are the hereditary material Genes occur at specific sites on chromosomes. • Each site is called a locus (pl = loci). • Each locus may consist of different alleles . DNA is the genetic material • The DNA ( d eoxyribo n ucleic a cid) molecule is the particle of heredity postulated by Mendel to be responsible for the transmission of inherited traits. The structure of DNA (p. 39) The DNA molecule is a double helix. Two important properties of DNA 1. Stability Faithfully preserves the genetic message 2. Replicability Ensures inheritance DNA replication (p. 40)
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2 DNA function • DNA codes for protein. • Proteins are the constituents of all
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molecular_pop_gen[1] - Understanding variation: From...

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