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1 Understanding variation: Mendelian genetics I. Darwin's problems with variation II. Mendel's breeding experiments III. Mendel's law of segregation IV. The rediscovery of Mendel's laws A. Chromosomes B. Mitosis and meiosis C. Chromosomal basis of inheritance D. Re-examining the law of segregation V. Mendel's law of independent assortment VI. Linkage and crossing-over Course website URL: Course website Resources tool • Syllabus = “01_syllabus.doc” “02_schedule.doc” • Lecture outlines = “03_outlines.doc” • Discussion section exercises = “04_discussions.doc” Course website • Resources tool Powerpoint lecture files = *.ppt and *.pdf in “lecture folders” Darwin’s problem with variation Blending inheritance
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2 Gregor Mendel Mendel’s breeding experiments (p. 26) • Dominant trait = expressed in F1 generation • Recessive trait = masked in the F1 generation Inheritance is particulate
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mendelian_genetics[1] - Understanding variation: Mendelian...

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