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Outline for “Obedience” video Definitions: Obedience- compliance with the directions of an authority figure. Conformity- fitting yourself in with a peer group. – “Obedience” video: Experimental situation – Making one teacher and one learner- shocking them for wrong answers. Social structure of situation; roles played by the parties – the teacher was being observed Commands given by the Experimenter to the subject (the “Teacher”) – Shocked by wrong answers- don’t care if they hurt others. Symbol on “shock generator” for strongest shock (450 volts) –
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Unformatted text preview: XXX How was obedience measured? How well the teacher complied with the rules and the situation Indicator of Subjects (Teachers) emotional discomfort Questioning their obedience Situations in which Teachers became less obedient to experimenters commands Hurting the other human Investigators conclusions, based on results of study Half the people didnt even question what others say, they just did it. They didnt care if the learner was hurt as long as they didnt get the blame....
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