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Soc Perspectives on Family

Soc Perspectives on Family - via which family members...

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Page 1 of 1 Sociological Perspectives on the Family : Como Agua Para Chocolate Functionalist focus on Family – Family à la the organic analogy. The respective roles played by each family member are different and complimentary; all contributing to the good of the whole. Scene(s) illustrating the functionalist perspective – Father (until his death) runs the ranch; Mother bears and raises the kids (with the help of the family cook) + socializes them in what it means to be female in their culture and prepare them for marriage; regulation of sexuality via arranged marriages; upholding of the cultural tradition that the youngest daughter of a family never marry but instead, remain with and take care of the aging Mother until the Mother’s death. Interactionist focus on Family – Interactionists focus on the interaction sequences
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Unformatted text preview: via which family members make/reinforce the bonds between them, e.g. through family mealtimes, birthday rituals, etc. • Scene(s) illustrating the interactionist perspective – Family meals, community meals as if community members were one, extended family group; courting, marriage, birth and death rituals… • Conflict focus on Family – Relationships between family members reflect the same status inequities that are alive and well in the general society, e.g. men’s subordinate position over women. • Scene(s) illustrating the conflict perspective – Father ruled the roost until his death; Mother took over the ranch and ruled the girls with an iron hand. (kids are subordinate to their mother as well as having been so vis à vis their father)....
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