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Student Internet McD - Page 1 of 2 Outline for"How Will the...

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Page 1 of 2 Outline for “How Will the Internet Change Society?” and “The McDonaldization of Society” How Will the Internet Change Society?: type of information gap that is typical during periods of rapid social change social norms on one hand, technology on the other hand. There were not rules set up in time for the technology. the internet and the printing press – how these inventions changed society – Put information into the hands of ordinary citizens. how the digital revolution differs from previous technological revolutions – Not entirely controlled by adults- Generation Lap virtual communities Community with people you may never meet with but still have social orientations with. Ex. Myspace, facebook the downside of text-based communication emotion, tone of voice. generation ‘lap’ (yes; it’s “lap” not “gap”) kids have more knowledge about internet than adults why college students today watch less TV than their parents did more internet activites, not just television. Television was limited, the internet is
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