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Student Who Rules America

Student Who Rules America - institution • Research on...

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Outline for “Who Rules America?” Who Rules America? How to view the Upper Class (per Domhoff) – Social institutions that contribute to the socialization of the Upper Class – Social related institutions- system of private colleges and univ ; social clubs Insulation of upper-class youth in elite private/boarding schools - Sociological term Domhoff uses to characterize upper-class boarding schools – Total institution- organization who lives there has all of their needs met by the
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Unformatted text preview: institution. • Research on schools in the U.S. - Schools primarily teach: • Cause of cohesion among members of the Upper Class – • Comparison of upper class women’s and men’s roles – • What “upholding tradition” is really about – Having to do something expected by their social class. • “Interests” and “background” as upper-class code words – Status in their social class. • Who really has the power in this country (per Domhoff) –...
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