Psych925 - Top down processing Information processing...

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Psych925 We view every situation differently. Video: We only see what our brains see. Video- aims room- in text Perception room- guy gets bigger Optical illusion Depth perception- read in text Perceptions are constructed by the brain: reading sentences Video: Inverted vision Wears glasses that make everything upsidedown. Video: face cow picture Seeing vs perceiving Perceptual set: A mental predisposition to perceive one thing and not another. Bottum-up processing: Analysis that begins with the sense receptors and works up to the brain’s integration
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Unformatted text preview: Top down processing: Information processing guided by a higher-level mental processes, as when we construct perceptions drawing on our experience and expectations. Essay question on exam- both processes bottom and top involved Social perception:-first impression (hypothesis)- Search for confirmation of the hypothesis- Proof Video- brown eyes vs blue eyes What really happened--Information-Perception-emotions-behavior Projection: gossiping: When mary talks about john, you may learn more about mary than about john...
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Psych925 - Top down processing Information processing...

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