Psych1011 - Psych1011 Thinking: Rationality vs...

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Psych1011 Thinking: Rationality vs Irrationality Are we acting or reacting? Are our decisions always rational? Do we perceive (understand) the world around us as it objectively is? Relationship between memory an thinking: Good memory does not necessarily go together with ability to think. Good memory can provide material for thinking. Ability to think may help to memorize things (semantic encoding) Video: Thinking I think, therefore I am We draw on our emotions in ways computers and animals cannot. Offers the science of minds for solving problems. We may communicate as humans. Class activity: Please identify in the video “chess” all mental process that you could list under category “thinking.” Thinking ahead and reading other people. IF you make a mistake, you cant take it back. Very careful thinking and logical reasoning Planning Decision making Judgements Analyzing Synthesizing Comparing Reasoning Predicting Making conclusions We are playing by rules in the game, but not in real life
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Psych1011 - Psych1011 Thinking: Rationality vs...

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