Psych109 - -short term memory-long term memory Encoding:...

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Psych 10/9/07 Memory and Learning Strategies What is the capacity of our memory? -remembering numbers Man who can remember 10,000 numbers Video: Amadeus Could you do it? Musical memory, using it to create his own. Memory, intelligence, creativity. Long term memories: Explicit, Implicit Video: Forest Gump- suppressed memories Memory of old house where she had bad memories Class activity 1- memorize text. It is very important to to memorize traxoline. Traxoline is the new zointer. Zointer is cerstianss. Information processing model of memory: -sensory memory: iconic(vision) and echoic (hearing)
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Unformatted text preview: -short term memory-long term memory Encoding: Effortful and Automatic Putting shark in the wrong shelf Ebinghouses studies on forgetting-learning curve-forgetting curve Class activity 2- Reading comprehension Comprehension is about background, not vocabulary SPAR Larning Strategy-survey (material you know and about to learn)--Process-Ask questions-Review Surveying: Define each big psychology issues Stability vs change, nature vs nurture, rationality vs irrationality Connection: Relate each big issue to memory Memory reconstruction...
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Psych109 - -short term memory-long term memory Encoding:...

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