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Religion 8/29/07 Post Enlightenment thinkers: Durkheim : -Social Structure -Elementary forms of Religious Life- about indigenous religious traditions of Australia- least sophisticated people in the world. -Wrote about European societies: transformations that they were going through in the 19 th century; Era of Industrial Revolution. -Book called Suicide. Isolated/alienation. -Claims religion just turns society into God. Ex. Christianity believes in one God in three persons: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. And there is a connection between these forms and organization of societies. -We invent our God to fit our society. Marx : -Economies; Social class -Origin of English working class -Social theorist/revolutionist -English classes show your place in society. Thoroughly pronounced during the Industrial Revolution. -Religion has a social function/a form of false consciousness making the working class
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Unformatted text preview: realizing how oppressed they actually were. -Religion can be used as a form of social control. -IF religion didn’t exist, you should invent it. Frued :-Psychology-Future of an Illusion- repressed sexual desires causes problems-Notion of the unconscious mind.-Obsessed with sex, like Marx was obsessed with class.-Rejected desires onto other people, making religion the same as the delusions of psychotics.-Psychoanalyst in a very conservative society. People would come to him about their repressed desires and he thought they were projecting them onto other people.-Idea of life after death is just projected from fear of death.-Otto :-Idea of the Holy-Questions of ultimate concern-development in comparative study of religion. Schleietmacher :-Speeches on Religion, written in 1799-Reformulate religion and Christianity-Demise and end of religion...
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