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Rel824 - after 9/11 Fly Over by B1 Bomber Definitions...

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Religion 100 8/24/07 Not here to argue, we are here to theorize all religions. Discuss what religion is and how we define it. Marxism- system of values and organizational values in a large number of nations in the 1920s and 1990s. It looks like a religion. People in Soviet Union had apparitions of baby Lennon. American civil religion- Things that are of great collective symbolic importance: -American Flag and constitution in classroom - Baseball -National Anthem and Take me out to the ballpark, replaced with God bless America
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Unformatted text preview: after 9/11- Fly Over by B1 Bomber Definitions: Belief in something more powerful than ourselves Belief system that answers the questions we don’t understand Organization that shows us how to live our lives Human response to life or death What is out there? (Cosmology) Where did it come from? (Cosmogony) How should we go about living our lives? People find ways around everything to serve their desires....
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