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cde class 9 - CDE 232 3/17/08 ADOLESCENE • Puberty Begins...

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Unformatted text preview: CDE 232 3/17/08 ADOLESCENE • Puberty Begins o Rapid growth and maturation o Hormones Hypothalamus-> Pituitary->Andrenal • HPA axis • H sends signal to P to tell the body that it is going to start growing.. P calls A to signal the sexual development o GnRH Produced by Andrenal Gland Causes a surge in either estrogen or testosterone • Emotions (intensify with puberty) o Direct effects Caused by surge in hormones; usually associated with negative feelings ; direct biological effects o Indirect Effects Happens as a result of the reactions that the social environment has on the adolescent Ex. Body changes can change your emotions due to the way people look at you. • The Timing of Puberty o Gender differences Girls are about two years ahead of boys in regards to onset of puberty o Menarche Qualifies girls to produce (11.5 average age) First period o Spermarche Qualifies boys to produce (13 is average age) First ejaculation o Personal characteristics Genetics Girls- African and latino start about 1 ½ years before Caucasians o Family stress Step families is the typical case… usually when there is a step dad with a girl as a child… can speed up the pubertal process… an adult man that is not biologically related to her… • too early or too late o early maturing girls outward signs of sexual maturation before age 10 they are unable to cognitively manage the consequences of it...
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cde class 9 - CDE 232 3/17/08 ADOLESCENE • Puberty Begins...

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