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cde class 10 - CDE232 3-19 Gender D ifferences in...

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Unformatted text preview: CDE232 3-19 Gender D ifferences in Achievement Childhood- few sex differences in cognitive abilities or academics Sex differences in childhood tend to favor girls Girls are better behaved and able to sit still and concentrate better Adolescence - girls and boys confidence in their academic skills change For boys, academic confidence increases For girls, academic confidence decreases Girls start to become better at verbal skills higher reading comprehension scores Girls are also better at associational fluency Associational fluency - producing synonyms for words Ex- Given the word vivacious, girls can generate more words within a similar meaning than boys Boys tend to be better at visuao-spatial skills Visuo-spatial skills- abilities involved in orienting yourself in the environment 3 main categories Spatial Perception - ability to locate the horizontal or vertical while ig- noring distracting information ex- water level task: Draw the water line in the second container, as- suming that it has the same amount of water as the first container (on bottle is sitting normal with a water level, the second is leaning)...
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cde class 10 - CDE232 3-19 Gender D ifferences in...

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