Federalist Pape2 - confederation there is no national court...

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Federalist Paper #15 At the beginning of this paper Hamilton says he wants to show the people why the Union is important to their “political safety and happiness.” However he then goes off on the “insufficiencies of the present Confederation to the preservation of the union.” He believes that the people are aware that the way the present government is being ran will eventually lead the country straight to anarchy. Under the articles of confederation they will not be able to hold the country together and complete chaos may break out because it is so unorganized and doesn’t work for such a Union. He also believes that the nation is in a state of humiliation due to the large debt that has been racked up, lack of military, lack of commerce, lack of respect by foreign powers. He wants the country to break free from the path they are on and stand firmly for safety, tranquility, dignity, and reputation. I think for him the biggest problem with the government is getting all of the states to come together and follow the same set of laws and with the articles of
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Unformatted text preview: confederation there is no national court system so it would be hard to hand our punishments. Another problem he sees with the article of confederations is that man loves power and under the articles power is bestowed upon will fail to come to a compromise and the nation will be subject to individual needs and wants. The last attack he throws at the articles of confederation was stating that is was just destined to fail and did so in a slow but sure process. I was a little confused at first when this paper started out. I thought that it was going to be about how the Union was important to the people and I was thinking that he was going to talk up the Union and all the things that it could accomplish. Then he starts going off about the articles of confederation and why they really did not work. Looking back on it now I see why he chose to go off on this path because it really illustrates his point as to why they need a new form of government and how it will protect and serve anyone....
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Federalist Pape2 - confederation there is no national court...

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