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cde class 12

cde class 12 - CDE 232 Marriage in America-who's happy and...

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CDE 232 March 31, 2008 Marriage in America -who’s happy and who isn’t??? Communication - communication and happiness in marriage- (second most common cause of marital distress) o characteristics of happy couples trust in each other, to communicate without being put down understand each other magic ratio- for every one negative comment, there should be five positive ones in order to maintain a healthy relationships o characteristics of unhappy couples feel regularly put down by each other don’t have trust in each other feel reluctant to share inner feelings with partner Gender Differences in Communication - Demand- withdrawal cycle o Ex, one member comes home from work and wants to interact… the other withdraws because they don’t want to interact… the first starts to demand more attention, and the other partner withdraws further… o Demander- most commonly woman; withdrawer-mainly man - challenges of gender differences for married couples o linear causality model A causes B, one spouse in mainly at fault i.e. I nag because you don’t do anything o circular causality model both members are contributing equally to the breakdown i.e. he doesn’t do anything because she nags more common model Marital Satisfaction - extent to which people have positive feelings towards their marriage - marital satisfaction is dynamic- changes all the time, hour to hour, day to day, not always feeling the greatest about the marriage -
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