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eng 300- paper #1

eng 300- paper #1 - Azarmi 1 Arash Azarmi Professor White...

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Azarmi Arash Azarmi Professor White ENG 300 10/3/07 The Use of Sound in Fritz Lang’s M There are many films, in which upon its release, shaped the way we view certain aspects of cinema today. However, rarely does a film exist which pioneered the way future directors use to tell their story in various components or effects. Fritz Lang wrote and directed one of these rare films. In his first sound picture, M (1931), the way Lang utilizes sound to establish a suspenseful and entertaining atmosphere was new. During that period of time, the sound film was still in its early stages. Directors wanted to use this new form of media to capture the sound in its most natural state. Fritz Lang's M has acting sequences with dialogue and sequences of acting in silence. Both are accompanied with music or sound effects. The way Lang organized the sound in this film was like he was editing the visuals. This method played a great role in developing the plot and establishing an eerie environment in which the movie is set in. We first encounter the murderer, Hans Beckert (played by Peter Lorre), when he approaches a young girl named Elsie. We can’t see his face yet, but 1
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Azarmi we see his body in a cast shadow which is on, ironically, a wanted poster for the child murderer. Since we can’t establish a visual identification of the murderer, we can only listen to the dialogue he has with her. This helps us create an auditory image of the killer. Lang then wove in shots of the child killer with the mother of the little girl, who begins to worry about her daughter. By doing this, Lang constructed a parallel action sequence. The climax of this
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eng 300- paper #1 - Azarmi 1 Arash Azarmi Professor White...

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