DNC 100- midterm study guide

DNC 100- midterm study guide - if you know what are the...

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WHAT MIGHT BE ON THE FIRST QUIZ? You might be asked if you can give the definition of dance used in this class. Walter Terry defined dance as the expression of physical, emotional, or intellectual urges through rhythmic, ordered and dynamic human movement. if you can intelligently discuss this or other definitions. Order inferred conscious decisions even if they include the permission to improvise. Dynamic is progressive changes in the energy level of the movements, be they quick or slow, strong or gentle. if you can define rhythm. Rhythm is defined as any repeated pattern of emphasis. if you know the difference between rhythm and meter.
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Unformatted text preview: if you know what are the three basic elements of movement as defined by Rudolph von Laban. Speed Direction intensity any of the question on pp 25 and 26 of your textbook. any of the questions of pp 37, 38 and 39/ any of the questions on pp 67 and 68 If you can intelligently discuss the differences between ballet and modern dance from a physiological as well as intellectual point of view. If, in addition to the lineage of Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, and Doug Parsons, you can identify and briefly discuss the contributions of the people listed on pp 83, 84, and 85....
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DNC 100- midterm study guide - if you know what are the...

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