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indv 103- research paper final draft - Arash Azarmi INDV...

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Arash Azarmi INDV 103 Research Paper Final Draft Section 40 4/27/07 Born In East L.A. Film Review Before Born in East L.A. premiered across theaters in the United States, the most common tagline used to promote the film featured its star, Cheech. The tagline said, “This time Cheech is not just on the wrong side of the law. He's on the wrong side of the line.” ( This interesting line referred to the nature of most Cheech movies, in which he and his partner Chong usually get caught up in some wacky, illegal adventures. For Cheech, this movie is unique because not only is he playing a new character (Rudy), but a good, law abiding citizen at that. The movie presents an interesting perspective of an individual who is an American citizen, but still deported because of his looks and background. Throughout the movie, images of culture, stereotypes, ethnic gloss, assimilation, social identities, and discrimination were brought up. Rudy is an American of Mexican descent who is caught up in an immigration raid on a factory. Deported to Mexico as an illegal immigrant, he has no way of proving that he is in fact an American citizen, and is forced to rely on his cunning to sneak his way back home to East L.A. In the beginning of the movie, Rudy reveals to the audiences that his Spanish isn’t very good when he speaks to his mother. His mother on the other hand, insists on blending Spanish with English as she converses with Rudy. This is an example of bicultural identity. Even though she was born in the United States, she retained the
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Azarmi Spanish language fairly well. The house itself is decorated in a mixture of American and Mexican style. As Rudy drives through East L.A. to go to work, the movie shows various landmarks on the way. Among the landmarks, there were several murals painted on the walls of various buildings, each depicting a certain message for all to see. One mural included the American flag alongside the Mexican flag, waving side by side. This caught
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indv 103- research paper final draft - Arash Azarmi INDV...

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