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Unformatted text preview: Darcey Mulligan Eng 102 Kahler Final Essay The noogenic disorder is one that can affect virtually anyone. If a person is placed into a situation where their will and determination will be tested it is simple to lose your way. The idea that losing your hope and not knowing your own meaning is something you can not succumb to, but if you do it will be your downfall. Victor Frankl calls this a noogenic theory and it can be seen in roughly every work of literature read this semester. A work of literature where I found this theory strongly present throughout was Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Hemmingway. This short story is about a man and a woman debating whether they should keep their unborn child or abort it. The woman seems particularly torn while the man seems to voice his opinion sternly but pathetically try to sympathize with her. The woman feels that if she has the child she could lose the love and affection of her man; they could lose all the trips around the world they would take and all of the carelessness that is their lives...
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