Soc. paper - The education of youth is something that many...

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The education of youth is something that many people take an interest in. We see it as not only investing in their future but ours as well. They will someday be making the decisions and choices about our economy, government, and well being. The article “Gender, Self-Perception, and academic Problems in High School” deals with the ideas of what effects students while they are learning and what can hinder their learning capability. After beginning to read this article I realized it was something I wanted to read more about and write a critique on. I found myself able to relate to the information in this article. The section that discusses the effects of “Gender and the Self Constructed Self” brings up many different ideas that I was able to see how I would fit into this study. It brings to point that girls have a stronger will to be a good student because it fits into a girl’s role of self concept. I was always able to see myself and my other girlfriends trying and striding for excellence. One of my friends who had two brothers and she was the only girl. She graduated valedictorian of our class while her brothers were not near this success. While spending a lot of my time at their house I can recall many times where her mother would always be asking us about our homework, what we learned today, and when our next test would be. Her brother was asked about how his day went and if he did his homework. It seems that parents expect more of their daughters than their sons. This article also struck my interest because of the research effecting math and science courses. This article fits into the field of sociology because it is looking at a group, which in the case it happens to be students, and how they interact with teachers, family, peers, and positive and negative grades. This study relies heavily on the interactions between the students and others as well as the reaction of the student and the grades received.
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The research process for this study began first in 1995 by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (AHAA). The AHAA is a national sample
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Soc. paper - The education of youth is something that many...

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