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COMM 3000 - Wal-Mart

COMM 3000 - Wal-Mart - Jacob Haskins COMM 3000 With this...

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Jacob Haskins COMM 3000 3-13-08 With this intractable conflict between the employers and workers throughout supermarket chains in Colorado is in dire need of some sort of mediation. These two parties have reached a stalemate over the conflict of cutting wages in hopes of competing with non-labor chains, such as Wal-Mart. There is no doubt that there needs to be some sort of non-biased third-party professional to come in and facilitate communication between these two parties; assist them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute, and help generate a conclusion that meets the interests or needs of both the employers and employees. Since this needs a definite decision, I think that arbitration would be the best third-party mediator in this conflict. These parties know that they will be unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation or mediation, and desperately need a decision that requires more expertise than they would get in the court system. Just like in all arbitration cases, the chosen arbitrator will need experienced professionals with a specific background in conflict resolution between unions and companies. One downside of arbitration in this case is that both parties
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