psych 101 october 2

psych 101 october 2 - -the tendency of the body to attempt...

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What Are Common Themes Of Dreams Theories of Dreaming -freud’s view: dreams express unconscious conflicts or desires; symbolic wish fulfillment -freud focused on aggressive and sexual content -manifest content; the obvious, apparent content of the dream -latent content: the hidden, unconscious content -information processing view: -memory consolidation -cartwright: dreams are a form of problem solving -physiological functions -REM provides periodic stimulation of the brain -Activation-Synthesis theory: REM is random electrical discharges which we synthesize (impose Meaning) -Foulkes’ theory: -Dreams reflect current concerns and traces of the day Drugged states -Tolerance: the need for increased amounts of a drug to achieve the same level of intoxication -Withdrawal: unpleasant physical and psychological effects that a person experiences when he or she tries to stop using a drug. -tolerance and withdrawal are due in part, to DRUG COMPENSATORY REACTIONS
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Unformatted text preview: -the tendency of the body to attempt to compensate for the effects of a drug.-by producing effects that are opposite to the drug’s effects. A GENERAL DRUG CLASSIFICATION-STIMULANTS: cause acceleration of the central nervous system by facilitation the release and retarding the uptake of dopamine, serotonin , and/or norephinphrine-INCLUDESL caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, and cocaine DEPRESSANTS-inhibit the central nervous system calming neural activity and slowing down b-includes: alcohol, sedatives (tranquilizers & barbiturates), opiates (opium, heroin, morphine) WARNING SIGNS OF ALCOHOLISM-drinking blackouts-blackouts-regretting things done or said when drunk-feeling low or guilty after drinking-failing to honor a resolve to drink less-drinking to alleviate depression anxiety-drinking alone-avoiding family or friends when drinking-trying to hide the amount that you drink...
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psych 101 october 2 - -the tendency of the body to attempt...

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