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CH. 2 Neuroscience and Behavior *the nervous system * the endocrine system THE NERVOUS SYSTEM -central Brain and spinal cord -Peripheral(any part that is not brain) somatic and autonomic Autonomic sympathetic (arousing) Autonomic parasympathetic (calming) TWO TYPES OF CELLS IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM *neurons *Glial Cells -support and protect neurons -insulate one neuron from another -surround blood vessels in the brain to form a blood-brain barrier THREE TYPES OF NEURONS
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Unformatted text preview: *sensory neurons *motor neurons *interneurons NEURAL COMMUNICATION IS AN ELECTROCHEMICAL PROCESS-cellbody-neurtransmitters-semi-permiable membrane-excitatory (depolarizing)-ions-inhibitory (polarizing)-resting potential-synapse-polarization -receptor site-stimulation-refractory period7-dendrites-stimulus threshold-All or none response-depolarization-action potential-axon-Myelin sheath-axon terminal-vesicals...
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