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amcult100Bender guide ch two

amcult100Bender guide ch two - p 74(only full P on page p...

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AC 100 Rethinking American Culture Fall 2007 Study Guide for Bender, A Nation among Nations Installment 2: Material to prepare for Thursday, 9/27 Chapter Two Read entire chapter, with particular attention to: 61-66 (introductory section); 69 (1 st full P) – 75 (top of page); 78 (top) – 87 (end of section); 90 (top) – 105 (end of section); 112 (new section) – 115 (end) Look up: Treaty of Westphalia (1648) and relation to modern nation-state Define: Liberal Radical Factions Interests Pay particular attention to:
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Unformatted text preview: p. 74 (only full P on page) p. 78 (only full P on page) p. 83 re: the legitimacy of claims made in the Declaration of Indep. p. 91 “reducing the complexity of daily experience” p. 96 new principles of sovereignty pp. 100-101 the “paradoxes” of history p. 104 democracy v. republic (in Federalist 10) Generally: How does it change the “story” of the American Revolution if the event (broadly speaking) is repositioned within the context Bender presents?...
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