PSYCH 101 Nov 20th

PSYCH 101 Nov 20th - “Positive” symptoms(pathological

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PSYCH 101 Nov 20 th Biological - Genetic predisposition - Concordance rates: - MZ = .50 DZ = .20 - Bio Chemical imbalance o Low Serotonin and/or norepinephrine - Disruption in sleep/wake cycle - Seasonal affective disprder o 4 times more likely in northern states than in Florida or Arizona BIPOLAR DISORDER - Shifts in mood between depression and mania - Symptoms of mania: o Inflated self-esteem; grandiosity o Decreased need for sleep o More talkative o Racing thoughts o Easily distracted o Agitation o Increase in risky behavior CAUSES OF BIPOLAR DISORDER - cognitive - Social o Stressful life events (esp. for introverts) o Family communication patterns ( esp. high criticism and hostility) - Biological o Concordance rates: MZ = .69 DZ = .19 SCHIZOPHRENIA - One year prevalence rate = 1% - 1:1 ratio of women to men - Onset: adolescence or early adulthood
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Unformatted text preview: “Positive” symptoms (pathological excesses)-hallucinations-Delusions-Disorganized speech Types of delusions-grandeur-control or influence o Thought broadcasting o Thought insertion o Thought withdrawal-Reference-Somatic-Persecution Disorganized speech-loosening of associations-illogical thinking-neologisms-poverty of content-clanging-word salad-echolalia “Negative Symptoms”: loss of normal functions-social withdrawal-restricted or inappropriate affect-avolition CAUSES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA-biological o Biochemistry Highlevels of dopamine: more receptors sites for dopamine o Brain structure: E.g., areas that control emotion, language, auditory info. o Viral exposure o Genetics Concordance rates...
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PSYCH 101 Nov 20th - “Positive” symptoms(pathological

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