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westward exp - 1 The"Manifest Destiny was a phrase that...

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The “Manifest Destiny” was a phrase that expressed the belief that the United States was destined to expand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean; it has also been used to advocate for or justify other territorial acquisitions such as Oregon and California. In Gast’s picture, he is depicting the goddess of Destiny moving along with White Settlers as they push Native Americans and Buffalo ever westward. This seems somewhat true except for the goddess part because Americans were pushing for more and more land westward. The main goal for these lands was to establish territories to gather new resources and develop farms. Although, these lands were supposed to be for the Native Americans after the Louisiana Purchase, Americans figured that if Native Americans wanted to be on that land, that they’re better off accepting themselves as a part of white society by giving up hunting and other Native American activities and focus more on farming. The typical settlers in these westward parts were those seeking land for farming and others who were sent to explore these lands and claim it as their own. The
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westward exp - 1 The"Manifest Destiny was a phrase that...

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