10.3.06 - o Blunt/short teeth o Body Trunk is...

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10/3/06 The Reptilian precursors to the dinosaur ecosystem Reptilian Radiation Permian - speciation diversity - Terrestrials environments at equator o Land o Decreased humidity o Temperature fluctuations Hot days Cold nights - Permian reptiles o Eurasia Disperse to other areas - Thermoregulation o Enzymes catalyze/make possible all organisms bodily chemical reactions Metabolism Growth/development Digestion Excretion Locomotion o Enzymes are temperature dependent - Permian reptiles o Synapsids Temperal fenestrae Hole in the skull o Anapsids Primitive condition Pisces Amphibian No holes in the skull o Diapsids 2 holes in the skull dinosaurs pterosaurs holes are all about chewing (food) - Pelycosaurs o Small body size o Insecticores/carnivores o Stiff vertebral columns o Swift moving necks
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10/3/06 - Herbivore o Short snout o Rounded snout o No pronounced canine (vampire tooth)
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Unformatted text preview: o Blunt/short teeth o Body Trunk is broad/wide/large relative to its limbs o low calorie o low nutrients o digest large quantities o spend all time foraging and eating o very large stomach/digestive system-Sails o Elongated vertebral spines o Imprints of blood vessels-Glaciers in the Permian o Ice caps o Thermal gradient o Therapsids Body proportions Shortened limbs/shortened tails Large trunks/skull teeth carnivore-Ecological Rules o Bergmanns Rule Cold climates Trunk is large High mass low surface area hot climates trunk is small low mass and high surface area o Allens Rule Cold climate Appendages/limbs are short Hot climate Appendages/limbs are long...
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10.3.06 - o Blunt/short teeth o Body Trunk is...

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