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Professor Meredith Female Mutilation Must Stop When most people think about problems in parts of the developing world, they think of genocide, poverty, and civil wars. However to many women in third world countries, there is a much bigger problem, female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a practice in some cultures that cuts or otherwise alters the external female genitals. This process, unlike male circumcision, is not performed at birth, rather shortly before puberty. What makes FGM even more controversial is that due to the lack of money and education in these third world countries, the procedure is done by a medicine man or woman with no medical degree who uses little or no anesthesia and dull, unsanitary tools. The young girls who are forced to experience this terrible procedure are at risk for disease, and are put through extreme amounts of pain. Although female genital mutilation does not commonly occur in the United States that does not mean that we should just sit back and let it happen. Awareness needs to be raised and something needs to be done to help these young girls. This heinous practice is most commonly found in parts of the underdeveloped world. Most commonly female genital mutilation is found in Africa, but is also found in parts of the Middle East as well as Asia. There are approximately twenty-eight nations in Africa currently practicing FGM; these include Sudan, Chad, and Sierra Leone. Although majority of FGM occurs in Africa, many cases are found in Saudi Arabia as well. Combined, there are approximately one hundred million to one hundred and forty million girls and women who have had FGM, and three million more cases of FGM occur every year. To the women and girls in these parts of the world experiencing FGM first hand, it
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Professor Meredith is considered a right of passage, not mutilation. However, with some of the African countries beginning to pass laws forbidding female genital mutilation, many girls are beginning to resist it. FGM is the practice of cutting or removing all or part of the external female genitals. These include the clitoris and its hood (prepuce), the labia minora and the labia majora. In some cases, the labia majora are sewn together or otherwise attached to each other, essentially blocking the opening to the vagina (Kaufman). This process, unfortunately, is done before puberty around the age of eleven or twelve. This age in a young girls life is a time of critical development and the pain will strongly be remembered. FGM is not over after this, when the woman is ready to be married she is put through the painful torture again and has her genital region re-cut and opened. The purpose for this painful procedure is ridiculous and sexist. It is simply done to ensure that the woman will remain a virgin until marriage and her family has a better chance of marrying her off. It shows lack of trust in all females and the notion that either it is ok for men to have premarital sex or that only women are tempted to have it. What many people do not understand is how and why there are women who
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fgm_rachel - Professor Meredith Female Mutilation Must Stop...

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