11.2.06 - o Head butting 11/2/06 Male-male competition...

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11/2/06 Order Ornithischia Suborder Marginocephalia -Infraorder Ceratopsia 1. Family Psittacosauridae 2. Family Ceratopsidae -Infraoder Pachycephalosayria 1. Family Homalocephalidae 2. Family Pachycephalosauridae Frill - bony projection on the back (posterior) of the skull Genus Psittacosaurus “parrot like” - toothless predentary bone nostrils high on the skull - rudimentary frill muscle attachment - flared neck bones - cheek teeth (molar) dental battery Ceratopsidae - frill large - cenral keel - horns - very large nostrils - cheek blades (beaked predentary) - body o heavily built o quadrapedal o fused hips and vertebrae - postril behavior o sprawling/semi-sprawling humeral morphology - Tricerotops o Species??? Many variations of the frill What is a good species? o Sexual Dimorphism Differences between male and female morphology Homalocephalodae - low skull - ornamented skull - Pachyceph o High skull vault o Solid bone
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Unformatted text preview: o Head butting 11/2/06 Male-male competition Angle of the skull on the neck vertebrae Skull is primarly in down position “locked” morphology in neck verts o medium to large sized bodies Second Exam Review-Multiple choice-Matching-True/False-Fill In o Dinosaur Skeleton o Dinosaur Cladogram-Vocabulary-What makes dinosaurs dinosaurs-Cladistic view-How do you dilineate by morphology-Class Dinosauria Cambrian Paleozoic Jurassic Carboniferous Permian Quaternary Cretaceous Cenozoic Phanerozoic Devonian Triassic Silurian Ordovician Tertiary Mesozoic Cryptozoic PRO sauropods – pro means first; smaller than sauropods Sauropods – largest dinosaurs; 4 similar limbs (quadrapedal) Heavies dinosaur – 50 tons BRACHIO Longest dinosaur – 42 meters DIPLODO Travel in packs (mass death assemblages) 11/2/06...
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11.2.06 - o Head butting 11/2/06 Male-male competition...

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