Examination III Vocab Complete

Examination III Vocab Complete - Dinosaur Ecosystem made up...

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Dinosaur Ecosystem – made up of different aspects of an environment; Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods; 5 groups: therapods, sauropodomorphs, ornithopods, thyreophorans, marginocephalians; PANGEA; shared environment with other plants and animals. Time Intervals Late Triassic – start of dinosaur ecosystem; primitive ornithiscians and saurischians, prosauropods; PANGEA; wet and dry seasons; vegetation dominated by gymnosperms ; beginning of mammals (suppressed until dinosaur extinction), turtles, and pterosaurs. Early and Middle Jurassic – small bodied sauropods (quadrapedal), small stegosaurids (beginning of armor); PANGEA; monsoonal climate, temp increase; vegitation “age of cycads” (tropical). Late Jurassic – much diversity, large bodied, large sauropods and stegosaurids; break up of PANGEA, epicontinental seas formed; climate warmer and wetter, more precip from ocean; reef builders; other vertibrates: large bodied crocidilians (more shallow and fresh water). Early Cretaceous – small sauropods, iguanadontidae; more geographic break up (worldwide greenhouse), thought to be without ice caps; beginning of angiosperms ; mammals still suppressed. Middle and Late Cretaceous – Tyrannosauridae, Ankylo, Ceratops, Hadro, Coeluro; full break up of continents, starting to look like modern continents; tropical climate; marine life diverse; angiosperm diversification, out compete all other vegitation. Gymnosperms
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Examination III Vocab Complete - Dinosaur Ecosystem made up...

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