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1. Bimetallic standard a. Currency standard using both gold and silver 2. Price-specie flow mechanism a. Process describing functioning of gold standard 3. Reserve Currency a. Countries fix to one standard currency, currency is fixed to gold 4. Basket of Currencies a. Countries fix to one currency, currency not fixed to anything 5. Gold-Exchange Standard a. Used in post WW2 era 6. International Monetary Fund (IMF) a. Organization created after WW2 to oversee fixed exchange rate system
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Dollarization a. Currency fixing by adopting US dollar as one’s currency 8. Interest rates a. Must be equal for interest rate parity to hold under fixed exchange rates 9. Official Reserve Transactions a. Account used to record central bank transactions 10. Balance of payments deficit a. Balance when central bank sells foreign reserves...
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