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9/11/06 C. Wright Mills The Sociological Imagination - “The Sociological Imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society. That is its task and its promise.” Sociology’ object: stresses collective influences on thought and behavior: Components: Groups 1. Primary Groups – families, friends, etc. 2. Large Scale Orgs – companies, universities 3. Communities – self explanatory 4. Nation States (countries) – generally everyone shares a common language and culture * In most cases people will acknowledge that they are part of a group
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Unformatted text preview: * Sense of we-ness, strong shapers of life Class/Categories 5. Racial/Ethnic 6. Social Class 7. Sex/Gender * For the most part these classes are not voluntary, exceptions: half black half white Sociologys Intellectual Stance-Social Structure : patterned relations and positions that endure beyond isolated situations-Culture : set of symbols that define social reality, ideas, views, collective conceptions, things taken for granted ***Read*** Wed 9/13 Peter Berger, An Invitation to Sociology...
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