9.18.06 - -Suicide as a problem of solidarity-What is the...

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9/18/06 Why do planes crash? Gremlins cause plane crashes. - Theory is not testable o No evidence o No data Theory - Answer to “why” or “how” question - Why do people kill themselves? o Data Population, 2000: 275,000,000 29,000 took their own lives 2000 suicide rate: 11/100,000 3 rd leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds, after accidents and homicide Fatal car crashes: 37,500 o Unhappiness Theory of Suicide Stresses internal state of mind Males: 17.54/100,000 Females: 4/100,000 Whites: 11.7/100,000 Blacks: 5.56/100,000 White Males: 19.5/100,000 Black Males: 9.75/100,000 White Females: 4.5/100,000 Black Females: 1.76/100,000 Theory and Evidence Mismatch - No significant differences between men and women - Whites significantly more happy than African Americans - No significant differences between the sexes, within either race Emile Durkheim - Sociology is a science - Social facts are real
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Unformatted text preview: -Suicide as a problem of solidarity-What is the basis of social order? ***Social facts are external to the individual and they are coercive*** 9/18/06 Sociology is science-Founding father (Emile Durkheim), 1880’s and 1890’s-Social thought dominated by philosophers, theologians-General rise of science as way of thinking about the social world A Problem of Solidarity-“What are the bonds which unite men with one another”-Bonds dissolve with suicide-Industrialization, capitalism major cultural changes-Especially the rise of individualism, which most thinkers considered a problem Shift to Modern Society-Traditional societies: people similar. Mechanical solidarity-Modern societies: complementary tasks, division of labor. Organic solidarity-Big point: what binds people together?-What is the basis of social order?...
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9.18.06 - -Suicide as a problem of solidarity-What is the...

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