9.25.06 - -Don’t understand relations with...

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9/25/06 Socialization - Identify, self, personality - Social interaction makes socialization possible - Objectification of the self Rules of Interaction - Fundamental to having a self - How they are produced and enforced by agents - Construction of the competent self Socialization - Enculturation - Learning to be a competent, functioning member of society Power of Socialization - Heredity vs. environment - Nature vs. nurture Strong Drives? - Food - Bathroom - Love Predisposition and Potential - Meaning and Limits o Biological basis of meaning? o Biology sets limits and directions. The problem is the variation in culture and how societies are organized. Babies - Not socially human - No conception of self
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Unformatted text preview: -Don’t understand relations with others-Function of pretending-Reference group 9/25/06 Symbolic Interaction: how to get a self-Can only develop a conception of self through interaction with others-Through interaction we develop a looking glass self by taking the role of the other-Interaction inherently involves symbols; social life is constant process of interpreting meaning of symbols Whence the self?-Over time people develop the ability to see themselves through the eyes of others. This makes them increasingly social and more of an individual. This social process happens through language.-...
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9.25.06 - -Don’t understand relations with...

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