Final Review

Final Review - -ideal and reality are not the same Where...

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Monday December 18, 8:00 PM in normal room 40 questions Wed. November 8 Last Lecture What is Dr. Clarke’s worst fear? Trains - carry things - near big cities - Huberus o Arrogant presumption Division of Labor - Durkheim What does Dr. Clarke think are the characteristics of a worst case? - what is and is not included - uncontrolable - overwhelming - social similarity - don’t care about people who don’t look like us - body count only matters sometimes (challenger: 7 people died) Know the difference between probabilistic and possiblistic - last chapter (maybe) Look at questions on syllabus for readings Six points of bureaucracy - you don’t get promoted because of your friend - he doesn’t treat you different on the job
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Unformatted text preview: -ideal and reality are not the same Where were holocaust death centers located?-why sociologically the holocaust is interesting-the holocaust was not the highest mass death total of the 20 th century What happened on the voyage of the St. Louis-people died because no one would accept them Crystal Night-destroyed stores and buildings-broken glass Why do we pay attention to the wrong things?-Barry Glassner o Media o Pre-millennial tensions o People get power and money from creating fear What’s the availability of -we just things we hear to be more likely Why do rich people feel they are rich?-the feel that they deserve it...
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Final Review - -ideal and reality are not the same Where...

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