Article Outline - Paragraph 1 Situation in Iraq...

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Paragraph 1 - Situation in Iraq deteriorating - War without end - All wars end? o “Never ending war on terror” - Postwar relationships good? o “Illustrates this reality” Is it a reality? What does he mean by a reality? Do are post war relationships always work out? - “seems to lurch” o lurch swaying, staggering motion o Leave in the lurch To leave in an uncomfortable or desperate situation Desert in time of trouble - APEC organization o Cooperation—organization - Rieff’s Main Point o Post war relationships can turn out well o Try to relate Iraq to Vietnam Paragraph 2 - Creation of new enemies in the Muslim world o The United States has a bad history with Muslims in the middle east which goes back a long time before the war in Iraq o “[Huntington] believes that the current global war on terror between the West and Islam is not a modern consequence of a few crazed radicals, but rather reflects a millennium-plus history of conflict between the two civilizations.” - “Clash of Civilizations” - Rieff’s Main Point o Insurmountable damage done to U.S.—Islamic relations o Wants us to believe that the situation is out of control o “Many of those who resist the notion”
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Optimistic people believe we have lost So should someone less optimistic or even pessimistic people believe that this is impossible? Paragraph 3
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Article Outline - Paragraph 1 Situation in Iraq...

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