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Review 1 - -concept o symptoms as clues to underlying...

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Concept of Mental Illness - Changes over time in conceptions and treatment - Trends over time o Drugs o Hospitalization o Therapy - DSM definition Types of Mental Illness - psychoses - schizophrenia - bi-polar (manic depression) - depression - anxiety Types - symptoms - prevalence - prognosis - social correlates - treatments Measurement - definition of epidemiology - benefits of epidemiology - standardized scales - Kessler o General prevalence of disorders - Wakefield o Critique of rates Theories - psychological - biological - concept, cause, treatment - strengths and weaknesses - changes over time Psychodynamic
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Unformatted text preview: -concept o symptoms as clues to underlying dynamics-cause o childhood o defense mechanisms-treatment o free association o dreams o transference Peterson-psychodynamic-cognitive-behavioral -humanistic-family systems Biological-concept o symptoms o diagnosis-cause o brain o genetics-family studies o esp. schiz.-adoption and twin studies-studies of the brain o neurons o neurotransmitters o synapses o receptors o (Schwartz) Treatment-Anti-psychotics-SSRI’s-Changes over time-Strengths and Limitations...
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Review 1 - -concept o symptoms as clues to underlying...

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