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Exam 2 Short Answer

Exam 2 Short Answer - What is problematic about this type...

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1) “If the only point of your work is to make as much money as possible, whether for yourself as an employee or for the company as an employer, concerns about product or service quality, consumer satisfaction, consumer safety, and the like will fade into the backround. These aspects of your work will be relevant only to the extent that they contribute to profit. They will simply be a means to an end.” According to Schwartz’s statement above, one trend we see in American society is the demeaning of work. Using the three types of work Schwartz describes, explain which type the above statement characterizes. Give an example of a profession that the above statement could describe.
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Unformatted text preview: What is problematic about this type of work? 2) Think about the functions of the education system. Explain how the problem with personnel (including deficient teachers) and the problem of morale contribute to overall problems with the education system in the US. 3) Explain how the shifting nature of work in the United States is leading to both poverty and unemployment for Americans? Be sure to explain the three work sectors and the social/historical factors that are associated with each sector. Likewise, think about the vanishing middle class.-First group of slides after first exam is gender-...
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