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2. - Problems in the US education system can be attributed to several serious factors. - Trouble attracting teachers in bad schools o The education system falls into a cycle where better teachers stay at the schools with more priveledged children. These jobs are generally less stressfull and could possibly offer better pay. Schools in neighborhoods where economic standards are lower, which more often than not have a higher minority population have trouble attracting good teachers. - Minority students need minority teachers o Minority students do not respond as well to teachers that are of a different race or ethnic backround from themselves. They typically feel that the teachers do not share the same life experiences as they do. - Teacher Deficiency o An alarming percentage of teachers are not highly qualified, in fact, many teachers do not have degrees in the subjects that they teach, this problem is
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Unformatted text preview: magnified in public schools.-Low Morale o The students that attend school in lower class areas are typically underprivaledged. This leads to an increase in violence and a decrease in discipline. Teacher morale is often affeted greatly by how their students behave in class. When morale is low in the teachers, and the students lose the will to learn, the desired standards for the education system are unachievable.-Teachers Leave o The combination of low morale and usually low pay for teachers makes it desirable for these teachers to either find a job at another school or even change careers altogether.-US educational system fails o These aspects of teacher deficiency, low morale in the students as well as teachers, and the scarcity of legitimate teachers that are good at their jobs form the base of the problem that is the US educational system....
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