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Short Answer 3 - corporations moving production overseas has created a significant gap between the wealthy and the poor Lack of Education-Many

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3. Manufacturing jobs Service/Information - The trend seen in the economy was a shift from manufacturing jobs to jobs that are service oriented and information intensive. Primary Sector - Historically, the primary sector are the jobs involved in the production of raw materials and food goods. In the past, and in nations that are less industrialized, the majority of workers fit into this sector, however, with the change in the industrial economy the Primary sector has been depleted. Especially in countries like the United States and other highly industrialized nations. Secondary Sector - The secondary sector deals mainly with the manufacturing of goods from the raw materials produced in the primary sector. Tertiary Sector - The Tertiary sector is the managements sector, consisting of the professional, technical, and service jobs. Moving Overseas - The severe reduction in the availability of manufacturing jobs, and the increase in
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Unformatted text preview: corporations moving production overseas has created a significant gap between the wealthy and the poor. Lack of Education-Many Americans do not have the education to make the transition from a job in the secondary sector to the Tertiary sector. These middle class workers have seen their jobs virtually disappear and are forced to accept jobs that typically do not pay much more than minimum wage. Middle Class replaced by Technology-Technology has replaced the middle class worker and further increased the wealth of the people that hold the management positions and other jobs in the Tertiary sector. Declining Conditions-When these global conglomerates expand further and further they funnel money from the working and lower class and create declining conditions in the areas where lower socioeconomic individuals typically live....
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