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Presentation Notes - domestic violence-victims lie because...

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4 Main Causes that contribute to wife abuse - Economic conditions o People in poverty are more likely to abuse their wives - Race and ethnicity - Verbal aggression leads to physical aggression - Alcohol abuse o Obvious contributer to domestic violence Violence in the Media - violence is glorified in the media - women are often the victims - basically violence becomes acceptable to people - video games (grey area) o influences aggression in young people - ARGUMENT o Just about all americans are exposed to violence in the media but the vast majority are not violent in their relationships Problems with collecting data - domestic violence is a problem in homes where generally the only witnesses are family - doctors generally don’t ask embarrassing questions to victims of
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Unformatted text preview: domestic violence-victims lie because they are embarrassed or afraid-families avoid police envolvement Statistics-family violence is a major contributer to violent crimes-domestic violence is a leading cause of injury in inner cities, more common then car accidents -females are most often the victim but not always-1 in 3 women around the world have been abused in their lifetime-children that experience domestic violence are much more likely to engage in spouse abuse themselves-police are involved only about half of the time-THESE STATS REALLY FORCE YOU TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE HOW BIG OF A PROBLEM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS, NOT JUST IN THE US BUT AROUND THE WORLD...
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Presentation Notes - domestic violence-victims lie because...

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