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The incidence and causes of wife abuse can be attributed to four main causes as well as several other contributers. The first major cause of domestic violence is the economic condition of the family involved. Typically lower income families have a much greater chance of abuse than families with in a higher socioeconomic class. Economic conditions play right into the next cause of domestic violence which is race and ethnicities. Some races are more likely to be involved in domestic violence than others, a lot of the time they also experience economic difficulties which influence these situations. Another cause of domestic violence is verbal aggression. Couples that engage in verbal aguments often are highly likely to progress towards physical abuse. The last major cause of spousal abuse is alcohol. People that abuse alcohol have a tendency to abuse their spouse. All of these causes together create situations that elevate tensions in households and domestic violence is usually the outcome. A major contibuter to abuse in the household is violence in the media.
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