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Project 1 Report 1

Project 1 Report 1 - Topic alcohol advertisements Specific...

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Topic: alcohol advertisements Specific Unit of Analysis: men’s and women’s magazines To gather data for this project our group will have to find archives for several different magazines, dating back about one or two years. Our variables are very straight forward and should not be particularly difficult to define. The one problem we may have is deciding which magazines are for men and which are for women, some magazines do not target a specific gender. Another problem I can for see is finding an intriguing hypothesis. It seems simple to say that we can expect more alcohol advertisements in men’s magazines, but who knows, that could be the reason that we find more in women’s magazines, we’ll have to find out. Variable 1: Targeted gender of the magazine (men, women, both) Conceptualization: Certain magazines it is very clear who they target, but many magazines do not target a specific gender but rather a common interest. Proposed Operational Definition:
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