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Project 1 Report 2

Project 1 Report 2 - two sides it counts as two pages...

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Topic: Alcohol advertisements in men’s and women’s magazines Specific Unit of Analysis: Men’s and women’s magazines Variable: Type of alcohol advertisement (beer or liquor/wine) Conceptualization: Beer and wine advertisements depict their product clearly or the advertisements actually say the name of the beverage. Liquor advertisements show the specific drink being advertised. Alcoholic beverages made from non-starch sources such as grapes (wine), honey, or distilled beverages are not considered to be beer. (Wikipedia) Operational Definition: Each full page is counted as one in the total count. If an advertisement for one product takes up
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Unformatted text preview: two sides it counts as two pages toward the total. Total number is counted for every 50 pages of the magazine to account for the length of certain magazines. Count total pages of beer or liquor advertisements for each advertisement. Six to eight magazines will be studied, at least one year or twelve issues of each. Counting the number of advertisements has good face validity, it is directly related to the variable. To establish content validity each advertisement must first be determined as beer or liquor as pertaining to the concept and then counted towards the total per 50 pages....
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