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Without a real hypothesis it is difficult to make an assumption about the validity of our research, but we can get a general idea of the measurement validity of our study. Researching alcohol advertisements has good face validity because it directly relates to how alcohol companies advertise their products. Our content validity, however, may not have been covered as well. The majority of our magazines were fashion magazines. It is possible that other types of magazines may yield completely different results. A study of the relationship between the type of magazine and the amount of alcohol advertisements would probably have very interesting results but would probably take a much larger sample to achieve validity. Unfortunately we do not have another study to base our
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Unformatted text preview: findings on, therefore criterion validity cannot be established. We also do not have construct validity because we did not use any different scales or surveys to conduct our research because it was only a simple measurement project. We would have to do a lot more research with an actual hypothesis to truly find out how valid our project is, but it is important to look at how valid the research is at this point. Even though our validity is not as good as we may like, the reliability of our measurements seems pretty good. Physically looking at the advertisements and determining which categories they fit into works very well for our project. The same results can be found every time using our methods....
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