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Final Paper - For my research project I will be studying...

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For my research project I will be studying the effects on income by age as well as education. The initial research question asks: what is the effect that age has on the respondents income? The reader should be interested to know whether or not a person’s income increases as they get older. There will always be exceptions to questions like this, for example, the rare individual that strikes it rich at a very young age. Most people would assume that as people get older, they make more money, up until a certain age where there is less opportunity for promotions or retirement becomes a factor. For purposes of this project I will only be looking at the association of age only up to a certain point and grouping all people over fifty together. Two Variable Hypothesis: Older individuals are more likely to receive a higher income than younger individuals. There are several reasons that I expect that my research will show this correlation. First, is that age and experience go hand in hand. Older individuals have probably received more training in their respective careers based on the fact that they have had more time to receive training. Second, older respondents may have spent more time within one career and will have been promoted throughout the years. Independent Variable: Age Age is conceptualized as the respondents age, in years, when they were administered the survey. The original GSS question is a numerical data question which asks the age of the respondent. To simplify the tables for this analysis I recoded the variable into four categories. Under 25 – The GSS surveys only individuals eighteen years and older. Therefore, under twenty five is actually respondents age eighteen to twenty five.
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26-35 – All respondents who are at least twenty six years old and under thirty six years old. 36-49 – All respondents who are at least thirty six years old and under fifty years old.
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Final Paper - For my research project I will be studying...

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