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Civil War notes - • 1787 Constitutional Convention...

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Unformatted text preview: • 1787: Constitutional Convention: Controversy begins over what it is. Should it be taken at its word or is it an ever changing document? The Founding Fathers intended for a slowly changing document that could accommodate changes in American Society • The Founding Fathers left two issues open to argument due to the tension they would cause Nature of the Federal Government Slavery • Sovereignty: Ultimate Power (Who has the last say) Decades of debate followed and the failure of the politicians led to the deployment of soldiers to settle the matter Civil War determined that the Federal Government had power over the States and this is why states have few rights these days • Congress had 70 years to solve issues and reasons why include….. o United States did not exist until 1865 due to people having very different cultures based on their region. o Nation had been held together earlier because of their memories of a common struggle ex. British, Indians, ect. o Nationalism was slowly replaced by secularism • Civil War was different from all other previous wars because of the hazy dividing lines and the similar beliefs and differences. Plus the cost of lives had never been so high. • War was fed by peoples’ emotions, the people of both sides knew each other so well that emotions ran out of control causing the war to be a big family feud • Negotiated Peace was impossible due to these emotions and one side would have to completely dissolve everything the other side had • Virginia was the main stage for conflict and it was more devastated than any war had caused in Western Europe • This Total War and mass destruction was due to the emotions and the fact that every officer knew each other and each other’s tactics • 4 out of 5 Southerners did not own slaves • Confederate Constitution was almost verbatim to U.S. Constitution o Democracy during the war was knocked down a notch because Lincoln jailed people who were thought to be traitors, censored the papers, and dismissed habeas corpus o In 1859 Lincoln had stated that he thought black men should be free but based on physical difference the two races would never be able to live as equals o Antebellum 40 year period leading up to the war o In 1820 no North, No South Differences were accepted as American emotions during this period caused Southern States to move closer and closer to secession and the differences that made us a great nation became the dividing factor between us o Tragedy of Civil War came about largely because of the silence of majority Congress had become a battle zone between radicals and these radicals dominated policy while majority of moderates sat silent Radicals ignited the fire of the Civil War by stirring up emotions along with overzealous reporters printing propaganda in the papers....
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Civil War notes - • 1787 Constitutional Convention...

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