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Author/Description of Author Suggested Alternatives How does the author develop their arguments? Strengths and weaknesses Ida B. Wells (1862-1931) was born a slave in Mississippi. Her civil rights career took off when she refused to move to the colored car on a railroad train. Became a journalist, lecturer, and crusader. She became well known throughout the Western World. Calls for the punishment of lynchers and abolishment of lynch law. The public must be active and make demands and protests that these crimes be brought to justice. Says the AA has remained law- abiding even though they have faced much discrimination and injustice. Calls the AA the backbone of the South and the black people should have a bloodless strike so that the South realizes how much they need AA’s. To win civil rights the black people must strike at the white man’s pocket instead of at his conscience. She also states that black families should own a gun for protection. States that the South has not changed since the Ante- Bellum period. “They have cheated him (AA) out of his ballet, deprived him of civil rights or redress in the Civil Courts thereof, robbed him of the fruits of his labor, and are still murdering, burning, and lynching him.” (39) (S) Ida gives good examples and speaks with strong emotion which has always made people react to what she’s saying. She brings her people together with her call for organizations and demonstrations. Her method would be very effective. (W) Ida stirs up too much emotion with her ideas. If the black people protested and got what they wanted the white South will still resent them because they would label them as whiners and complainers. Also with each black family owning a gun then a call for strike she is easily calling for a rebellion in the South. Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) Born a slave in Franklin County, Virginia. He attended Hampton Institute and worked his way through school. Then after he helped found the Tuskegee Institute and there he served as a guiding hand for 10 years. After which he received
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U.S. History - Author/Description of Author Ida B...

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