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Conflict Resolution - Dear Michelle Due to the fact that...

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November 15, 2007 Dear Michelle, Due to the fact that time is our most precious commodity, I’ll get right to the point. The relationship we have strived to build has been cracked by an unnecessary amount of misunderstanding and ignorance. I feel we must right these wrongs by using our minds instead of our sharp tongues. If left untreated this issue could drive a stake into the spiritual bond that holds us together. We cannot let that happen. The problem before us is not the incident, but the fact that we both have been ignorant of each other. We have been waging a war neither of us will win. However, I do have a proposition that will eradicate the evil set before us and with your help we can beat this monster. The deadlock between us will be impossible to break if we don’t put down our swords. The issue of me chewing on thumbtacks and you being afraid of me getting hurt should not destroy what we have.
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